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Cool that you’re checking this out! Here I post about stuff I feel like posting about …

Whenever I find an interesting new topic I want to sink my time into for the next few months, I will try to make a mental note, to jot down something about it on this page.

There’s not much here at the moment, but hopefully in time I will be able to change that!

I Switched to Fedora Now

Fedora Server It’s that time of the year again – spring. Where normal people clean their home, and nerds clean out their IT-infrastructure. My unfortunate victim this year is my old Nextcloud server. A dual-core machine running Ubuntu 20.04. Even though everything works fine with just two cores, running on eight gives the web UI …

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Generative Art with Perlin Noise

The other day I talked to a friend, that is interested in coding and a generally very creative person. She recently did a coding boot camp and learned some JavaScript there. Because of her interest in art and coding, I thought she might like the Processing language, because it’s intended to serve as an easy …

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Remote Management Solution

THIS IS WORK IN PROGRESS! In this Article I want to show you how I hacked together a more or less functional OOB management solution Content Remote Management Solution Motivation First Thoughts Hardware Software Gluing everything together Motivation I have a small server at home on which I love to test new operating systems.But it’s a …

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